Friday, September 5, 2008

Shiney Ahuja's shiny suit!

Surely its not a requisite to literally shine at the premiere of one's film! Shiney Ahuja seen at the premiere of his film Hijack in this excessively shiny "what was I thinking when I brought this" silver suit! The shoes aren't that great either and something strange happening with the hair do as well. Clearly Shiney's style has been hijacked at the premier of Hijack! And while we are talking about style I'm not really loving Isha's dress and sandals either.

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horan bhistey said...

crap crap crap suit.
is tht a body armour he is wearing ?
great actor, rubbish suit

Allthingsbollywood said...

lol...yes does look like a body armour doesn't it! In the tackiest of fabrics its a total letdown!

Swati said...

haa haa! spot on, spot on (Stewie, family guy)

prabhs said...

cheap imitation and very ill fitted..georgia armani has a similar suit which is much more better and stlish