Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tally up the cost of Kahkashan Patel's accessories on display

At Anna Singh's new store launch Kahkashan Patel was wearing USD$22,000 worth of accessories alone! Check out the breakdown below and where to buy them from incase you have a bit of spare cash lying around! I orginally thought this was Udita Goswami but thanks to Noor for pointing out this is Kahkashan Patel! Thanks Noor :)
Hermes Birkin Gucci bow belt Dior christal watch
Hermes Birkin - approx. USD$15,000
Waistlist at Hermes
Gucci bow belt - the style that Kahkashan is wearing is from last year's. Price - USD$495
This year Gucci has produced it in a skinnier version availabe for purchase at Neiman Marcus
Dior Christal Watch - price USD$5,895
Available for purchase at eLuxury

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Noor said...

Isn't that Kahkashan Patel, not Udita Goswami? :P

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi Noor, It is too! Thanks for letting me know :) Has an uncanny resemblance to Udita doesn't she? Will fix up the post now duely acknowledging you ofcourse :)

Noor said...

No problem :D Yeah, they do look really similar here! And I LOVE her belt! It's nice to see a bow on a B-wood celeb that's not one of those tacky ribbons ;)

Allthingsbollywood said...

the Gucci belt is gorgeous :)