Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chanel spotting

The quilting is a definite giveaway but I had to post about this beautiful Chanel clutch that Ridhima Kapoor was carrying to a party in Delhi as its one of my favourites.

Also, did I mention I own one ;)

Ridhima Kapoor Delhi party chanel clutch

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Monika,Ansh said...

This is so good looking. Drool Drool!!
Riddhima is looking so good too. Can we have a full length picture please?

Allthingsbollywood said...

will try and look for a full length shot :)

ngm82 said...

she looks so fresh! i've seen her in person.. she has the most amazing skin! beautiful. and wow! u have a chanel! :)

Allthingsbollywood said...

She is ravishing and I'm obsessed with Ranbir Kapoor ...Good looks are sure a part of this family!

yishan said...

very classic.. I'm still on the lookout for one.. my online order with Leona Edmiston was declined as they run out of stock!!! *sob*