Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Ferragamo

Update - L'Officiel March 09 issue cover picture added

Whilst I wait for a scan of the L'Officiel mag cover, you can see the blown-up version of it behind Priyanka Chopra at the magazine inaugration event. She graces the cover in a Salvatore Ferragamo creation and looks like the inside spread will probably turn out to be all Ferragamo as well. You can check out one of the looks from the inside spread here. I'm loving the big hair but the size of her thighs worries me. I hope its a case of excessive photoshopping and not malnutrition.

I'll give you my two bits - be a fashion lover and not a fashion victim. Size zeros, the double size zeroes and the triples and so on are not cool and I hope the wrong inspiration is not taken from this cover.

Priyanka Chopra LOfficiel Magazine cover Salvatore Ferragamo source & source&source

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Swati said...

That dress is to die for!!! !!! And I totally totally love her hair... ... and thanks for the tip there, I completely agree with you. I see no harm in being thin and having a good body, as long as its done in a healthy way!!! !!!
P.S: Prianka, you look rocking on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Size 0 is a disease which is taking over the world. Specially in Indian film industry its a very in thing to be.
Our ancestors use to say
Acha Kaho , Acha Paheno, Acha Karo


Laura said...

I love the purple dress, but I am not sure about the cover shot. I saw a photo of Priyanka at an event recently and she looked scarily thin. Her hips looked the size of a childs.

Neha said...

Yup, I agree that she's becoming too skinny. I think she's become part of the bobble head phenomenon (where the head is bigger than the body). I hate that trend in Hollywood, and it sucks that it's spreading to Bollywood, as well.

But, the cover is still nice!

Allthingsbollywood said...

Neha & Swati - totally agree that the cover is very nicely shot, I just had a momentary shudder looking at her thighs though ;)