Friday, April 3, 2009

The importance of right shoes

I'm a strong believer like many women around the world that the wrong pair of shoes can play havoc with a perfectly fab outfit. Twinkle Khanna just manages to scrape through because her statement peacock necklace (which I want now!) mesmerised me so much that everything else for a few seconds didn't matter! The Chanel bowler and her statement necklace are the perfect accompaniments to her understated but nicely cut black dress. A few people may disagree about the length of the dress but I actually quite like it as its refereshing change from the stock standard knee length or miniscule numbers that celebs wear. Its the shoes that make the length look wrong as the ill fitted round toe red pumps are just not flattering. Had she chosen a nice pointy toe or a beautiful wedge sandal it would have made a huge difference to how the overall ensemble looked. Nevertheless, the necklace saves her this time round!

Twinkle Khanna summer collection samsaara launch source

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YJ Wedding said...

i agree with you on the dress.. love the cut. Very elegant..

Anonymous said...

I like the shoes. How exactly are they ill fitting? I think they look quite good.
still cant like the length of the dress. its very matronly

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi Anon, they just seemed to be gaping a bit at the back and felt it was the shoes that made the dress look a bit matronly and not the dress itself. I have certainly seen better round toe pums, perhaps a pair of Louboutin Simple pumps in nude would have looked better.