Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Missoni and Hermes

Brand on brand goes hand in hand with Natasha Poonawala who teamed her Missoni strapless dress with a baby Hermes at Laila Mallya's birthday. Like the dress and/or the bag?

Natasha Poonwala Laila Mallya Birthday source

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Monika,Ansh said...

Neither. She is looking like she is trying too hard!!
That too short dress is not suiting her especially now that she is pregnant.

H said...


the dress doesnt suit her body type, add to the fact that shes pregnant, looks like a turkey waddling out :P and i hate that shade of birkin

Swati said...

Nah... ...not too big a fan of Hermes.

Anonymous said...

Since she is pregnant - this dress doesn't suit her.
Don't really love that Hermes color - There are much better ones.

YJ Wedding said...

whoever took this photo didn't have the subject's proportions in best interest... they look top heavy from this angle. I like the idea of baby versions of bags!! If I have a girl I'd want to get her a baby edition of a bag, haha.

Allthingsbollywood said...

I actually think Natasha Poonawala is setting a bit of a benchmark on the desi scene in terms of how to dress when pregnant. I think she carries off the dress quite well for someone who's pregnant. As much as I like Birkin I agree that the colour isn't great and it doesn't look the best in the smaller size either.