Sunday, May 31, 2009

A note: Attacks on Indians in Melbourne

Hi just a note to let you know what's keeping me away from the blog and the sporadic posts. Was on a family holiday last week and this week I just didn't feel like writing with all the digusting attacks on Indians in Melbourne (which is where I live). I'm off to a protest shortly to show my support for the Indian community. If you are based in Melbourne do try and come out

Will be back to writing in full force next week.

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H said...

Its really sad
Indians in general are attacked eveywhere. Surprising considering the fact that we make the world go round, well atleast partly :))))

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi H, yes it is extremely sad. Not too sure why it happens but it needs to be stopped. The protest here in Melbourne was one of the biggest the city had ever seen so hopefully the government will sit up and notice!