Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dior spotting

Spotted Mallika Sherawat at the Los Angeles eatery 'Ivy' in a strapless polka dotted frock teamed with a Christian Dior Cannage "D" clutch.


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H said...

i <3 the clutch

seriously whats up with her showing off her clutch? bolly starlets need to learn a thing or two about fashion! POSER!!!

shruty said...

mallika is wearing Forever 21 Mesh Hem Polka Dot Dress from forever 21.pls update.

chicbollywood said...

Thanks Shruty

H said...


love your blog. the best part about it is your comments. though i wish you would be more regular at it. i keep checking the blog three times a day but the updates are so sporadic :)

sorry to be so demanding :))

chicbollywood said...

Hi H, thanks for the lovely feedback. Definitely taking it on board and will try my level best to write more frequently. Keep tuning in :) and if there's anything of interest to you that you'd like featured here do let me know xx