Saturday, June 6, 2009

Faux-pas edition

Update - turns out Kangana's white maxi is the Bebe romantic whisper dress. Thanks 'Shruty' for the tip-off.

Whilst Carrie Bradshaw got away with her black inner wear showing through see through outfits on celluloid in Sex and the City its a look that doesn't sit well with me. After wowing us with her Marc by Marc Jacobs dress (thanks 'anonymous' for the 'ID') Kangana wears a floor length casual maxi which is kinda ok till you are looking at the front but as soon as we see the back with the visible bra it definitely moves into the faux-pas territory for me.

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BloggingTimes said...

haha..i got to c few more like these..familiar one is Amrita Arora..

shruty said...

The dress is actually a bebe...its called romantic whisper dress
she was wearing the marc jacobs dress with a bottega veneta hobo for another event...i think it was some launch...pls correct it...thanks.

Allthingsbollywood said...

Thanks shruty I'll update the post crediting you ofcourse! Keep visiting xx

laila said...

Huh, As far as I can see, both information was posted on HighHeelconfidential, which it seems like your readers read. So, how come you don't credit the site, since most of your posts seem to come from them.

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi Laila - first things first all sources are duly credited. Similar to HHC if a reader does the 'ID' not the blog owner, the credit goes to the reader and not the blog.
Secondly, the only similarity between HCC and Chic is that we both have an eye for fashion and do know our brands. So my posts don't come from them as you claim. There are times when I write about things before they do and vice-versa.
Thanks for visiting.