Thursday, July 16, 2009


Update - Turns out Mallika's wearing a Bebe sweater dress. Thanks 'Shruty' for the tip-off.
A big Eww to both Mallika Sherawat's look in upcoming movie 'Hiss' and the underarm sweat patch when she visited the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.


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Shruty said...

Mallika is wearing a sweater dress from bebe.
And about that sweat mark, no one would think of wearing a sweater dress when it's a 100 degrees out there!!! Major faux pas.

chicbollywood said...

Thankz shruti will update the post

H said...

Seems to me that Shruty also reads HHC just like me. ;)

Swati said...

I really like Mallika and she always disappoints me with her choice in clothes and the "way" she wears them.
And its freaking boiling, why would you wear a sweater? :-|

Kanika said...

Mallika Sherawat at Twitter HQ : Kanika tells her experience about working for Mallika’s Twiiter Design