Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Louis spotting

Spotted Shilpa Shetty in London at the 'ICC Twenty20 super eight' cricket match wearing my favourite Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse leopard print scarf.


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Swati said...

The scarf is very nice... and Shilpa: dressed up or down, always looks nice!

H said...

arrghhh i hate louis vuitton's obsession with logo-ing and branding. whats the pint of spoiling a lovely scarf with that ghastly pink print?

your thoughts??

chicbollywood said...

Hi H, the splash of graffiti is homage to Stephen Sprouse's graffiti-ed Louis Vuitton speedies and keepall that he did for the design house in 2001. This scarf is probably one of the least logoed LV pieces and I actually love the little splash of pink against the leopard print. Its quie subtle and unless you deliberately wear it right across your chest to show the entire print, you probably won't even get to read the brand name.

H said...


i guess thats exactly what Ms. Shetty is trying to do,

the thing with shilpa shetty is, from what i have seen, she always prefers the screaming logo-ed brands, like LV, fendi, Herve Leger bandage, this is no miss subtle