Thursday, August 6, 2009

Supporting the locals

Riya Sen steps out again on the ramp in Kolkata to support local designers namely Manoj Agarwal who's designed the black saree and in a red suit by Sreyas Goenka. Like any of the looks?

Riya Sen Kolkata Fashion Show Manoj Agarwal Sari source

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Monika,Ansh said...

I find the saree & the dhoti dress very tacky.

The suit could have been saved if it was not all red. A black bodice & black churidar with a black chunni & perhaps a little maroonish version of red would have made the outfit look much better. I seem to have changed almost

chicbollywood said...

lol you sure have and for the better. I don't think any of the three outfits are great either.

ngm82 said...

love love love the red suit! :)

Anonymous said...

The outfits are super gaudy and loud. The sari is so aunty. Is it just me or is there totally something wrong with Riya's eye?