Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling stripey

The metallic striped number that Kim Sharma wore to a recent movie music launch falls flat for me. Zebra stripes similar to leopard print is a challenging pattern to get right and this dress certainly doesn't fall in the "right" category. If anything the stripes going everywhere have a dizzying effect (and not in a good way!) and my pet pet peeve - yet another celeb wearing a non-impressive pair of sandals!

Kim Sharma at the 'Marega Saala' music launch


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Anonymous said...

I think you meant zebra stripes. The biggest detractor appears to be the metallic, without it, it might have looked o.k. Metallic + busy pattern = too much going on.

chicbollywood said...

lol...yes I did mean zebra stripes! Thanks for the correction. This is what happens when you blog first thing in the morning without caffeine :p