Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can it go any worse?

I have no idea who this is and maybe that's a good thing! But here's a pic of this scary someone from the red carpet at the Maxim Hot 100 Bash. Can it possible go any worse - with the flouro pink dress, uncombed hair in dire need of colour touchup, burgundy lipstick and all of this teamed with ethnic Indian bangles and slip on mules!! She's also seen schmoozing with Deepika Padukone at the event so it is safe to assume that she has the moolah to hire a stylist! Does anyone know who this is?

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Bollywood Blogger said...

No idea but she looks like she could use a stylist.

Allthingsbollywood said...

definitely does!

Swati said...

Ewwww!!! !!! is all I am going to say.