Sunday, October 12, 2008


Preity Zinta spotted looking rather drab at a Rolex party. Beau Ness Wadia looked equally unimpressive.
Preity Zinta Ness Wadia rolex party

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luna said...

i wish i can see the full length of the dress!!! i mean i guess if see full length i think i will like that dress !! why she cut her hair short !! me not liking it!! i mean she has perfect dress sense so many times that u cant expect her to be perfect all the time !! i wish i could see weather she is wearing full length dress or the knee length one and what kind of shoes , but i like her makeup which is so minimal !!

when u cant't see the top to bottom u can't really choose weather the look is fab or drab

Swati said...

Hmmm....I can't say the same ... ... not about looking perfect, but as a celeb, if you are going to a certain event, I think you are obliged to carry your sense of style and fashion, thats one of the negatives of being in such professions... ...
And most importantly, lets not forget, this blog is all about fashion :) :) :)

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi Luna....agree would've been ideal to have had a full length shot but I just couldn't find any. Preity is a style icon so yes we do expect her to look great all the time - whether dressed up or dressed down.
From what I can in the picture its not a dress but black pants teamed with a black and white top so whatever I can see I don't like much! Agree the minimal makeup is great :)

luna said...

i agree that the dress is not good !!
i am surprise that could turn up at the party dressing like this !!
but i like preity i think she looks fab most of the time like i love her in the red dress at Toronto festival
she looked so stuning!!