Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fashioned up

Akki blings it up in an embellished grey pullover teamed with matching shoes at the 'Kambhakt Ishq' success bash. Wifey Twinkle opted for her fail safe mantra of hair swept to the side, a sheath dress teamed with a clutch. Purple looks fantastic on her and like her choice of neutral accessories. As for Akshay if there is any man in B-town who can pull off bling its him. Your thoughts?


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H said...

i mean .. like you are kidding right??

if it were my man, i would lock him up in the house

what a ghastly top. did he wear twinkles top in his haste?

chicbollywood said...

Hi totally won't want to see it on my man but kudos to him for going there. It's not a look that I definitely don't love but he does kinda pull it off.

huma said...

to me, they look like brothers and sisters. loll. and his top is disturbing! why does he always wanna "stand out" and not in a good way. and that purple is beyond gorgeous on her!

Swati said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, come on guys!!! !!! Its Akshay Kumar, he - with his super cool attitude - can pull off anything. I agree that I won't want my bf to wear it... but Akshay pulls it off effortlessly :) :)

Twinkle, as always, looks like a nice, classy biwi... a perfect accessory that tones down Mr.Kumar! lol

shruty said...

twinkle is wearing Badgley mischka, and carrying a B romanek clutch.

Anonymous said...

Akshay's shoes are awful!

chicbollywood said...

haha nanna shoes!