Monday, July 6, 2009

Rocking a maxi

Although Melbourne is a city known for its fashion the one thing I really miss here is colourful outfits that you see everywhere in India. I often attract a lot of attention at work when I don't wear the requisite all black but who the hell cares! So you now know I love colour and I lurve Amrita's colourful maxi. The Rayban wayfarers don't quite suit her face though and she could have done without the two cuffs mixed with the resin bangle as one statement cuff or a simple bangle on its own would've worked just fine.


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shruty said...

she has definetly over accesorized... Lv mahina bag, Gucci sandals, chunky bracelets...

shruty said...

turns out she's wearing a sky maxi.