Sunday, September 6, 2009

Balenciaga spotting

Update - And here's a full length shot of Ms. Kapoor. The Balmain 'Elastico Nero' sandals I so want right now and are super hard to resist considering they are on sale at chickdowntown.

Update - The dress Sonam's got on is by Marios Schwab as shared by the fashionista herself on Twitter and reported by Bollywood Buzzes back in August this year. Thanks Claire for sharing.
Spotted Sonam Kapoor totting the Balenciaga City at the 'Joy of Giving Week' event in New Delhi. You can get your fix at Barneys or Balenciaga online if you are based in the US or UK.

Sonam Kapoor Joy of Giving Week event balenciaga handbag

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claire said...

she's wearing a marios scwab dress
here it is:
i think she twittered about buying it too lol

chicbollywood said...

Thanks Claire for sharing. The post has been updated.

Sunheri said...

Oh its Marios Schwab..Loveddd the dress!!

Sunehri said...

She wears Balenciaga shoes too, new full length pictures have re-surfaced!

chicbollywood said...

Thanks Sunehri - I'll look for the pic :)