Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chic as always

Part Gossip Girl and part Parisian Chic is how I would describe this look of Sonam Kapoor's. Totting a quilted Chanel, chic blue shorts and a crisp white shirt Sonam looks fab as usual. Can't wait to see more shots from the film!

Sonam Kapoor aisha Abhay Deol Sonam Kapoor shooting for 'Aisha'

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Anonymous said...

bag does not look nice with the outfit.. love the shorts though.. and deol boy.. now he is hottie

Nad said...

Im surprised you havent approved my comment..being a religious visitor to your site. so im repeating my question again

are you really so biased towards sonam or do you genuinely feel that the quilted chanel goes with her casual look?

Nad said...

These minor details arent overlooked for anyone else, female actors are always subjected to "oh her look is almost fab except for her pink nails/white peeptoes/curly hair/logoed belt etc etc
so why is sonam having it easy everytime, even when she does a serious mis-mash?

chicbollywood said...

Hi Nad, I'm so sorry to have missed your comment. I'm not sure what actually happened because I thought I had approved it.
Re Sonam - yes I'm a tad bit biased as I do appreciate her style. And as far my opinion on wearing Chanel casually - I think it works 100%. The likes of Mischa Barton and Nicole Ritchie do it all the time on the Hollywood scene and I team my Chanel bags all the time with my fav summer dresses and jeans :)

Apologies again re the mix up with the comment approval xx

Nad said...

hey im glad you replied!

yep it goes awesomely well with casual summery dresses and also with jeans, but i still feel teaming it with shorts is a bit too much. I mean, on the whole, the bag is a little too elegant for her funky look in the above pics :)) IMO

Sunehri said...

I love you for your Sonam Kapoor biases, im a fan of her sense of style too!

She looks cute and preppy but like Blair from GG! The Chanel totally goes..Looking forward to Aisha!

chicbollywood said...

Thanks sunehri :D