Monday, October 26, 2009

Sushmita Sen for Sanjana Jon

Sushmita Sen along with her brother Rajiv Sen walked the ramp for Sanjana Jon at India Fashion Week. Sanjana for those who may not know (like me until I googled her) is the sister of Indian born fashion designer Anand Jon who was recently convicted in the US. Whilst Sush and Salman who was the other celebrity to walk for her did generate a lot of interest in the show, her collection has received a lot of flak about which you can read here.
Back to Sushmita, the woman's got a fantastic body which she flaunts in a stock standard black strapless dress.


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Anonymous said...

loved the shoes.......just could'nt sleep without just bought the miss sixty one in black(well not sure what sush is wearing but mine r exacly the same)

Shaily said...

I love everything abt Sush here.... perfect..atleast to me :D

Lima said...

hm, is the black dress part of her line? it looks exactly like the bebe dress i have... i'll have to send u a link to it...