Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to writing...

After a brief hiatus (well not that brief, just under two months to be precise!) I am back to writing :).

Firstly, apologies and much love to my regulars who diligently kept checking in to see if there was a new post. Thank You. Sounds cheesy but if it wasn't for you and great fashion to comment about, blogging won't be fun. To fill you in briefly on what I have been up to in the past two months, I had a month in India to celebrate my sister's wedding and what a wedding it was! Back to Melbourne then to move into my own house after living in rentals for years, again feels amazing and then finally back to the grind that is the corporate world to earn some moolah. Life seems to be settling again and I got some lovely notes asking where I was and why I wasn't writing. So here I am :).

I figure my first post for the year has to be truly special - to cover someone special;wearing something very special. So here I go with the wedding series as promised.

My lovely gorgeous sister in all her glory wearing a stunning Manav Gangwani brocade lehenga for the cocktail/engagement party that she teamed with very chic and sleek diamond and ruby jewels and matching glass bangles. The green, purple and orange colour combination looked amazing and I love the net dupatta against the heavy brocade top and skirt.The makeup is M.A.C.

She looks so tall and model like, don't you all agree?
Here's wishing her happiness forever and ever.

Over the next few days look out for your regular celeb fashion fix and more on my sister's wedding.

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Nad said...

Welcome back! We missed you.

I love your sisters bridal outfit. This is how bridal should be done! She could teach a few (actually almost all) bolly celebs on how to dress like a bride.

Tangerine Fairy said...

You are back! Yay!
Beautiful bride and outfit..Must've gotten it from Delhi right? It's not too over done, it's just perfect! green and purple was my theme for my wedding..should be posting those on my blog soon! Love your blog..have it on my blog favs..Glad your back!

Bollywood Blogger said...

Beautiful outfit; your sister looks gorgeous! Glad to see you back.
- Bollywood Blogger

chicbollywood said...

Thank you all.
@BB - love the new layout of your blog.
@Tangerine Fairy - checked out your blog and its pretty cool. I'll keep a look out for your wedding pics on your blog. Yes the outfit is from Delhi.

Swati said...

:) :) :) This is a bit overwhelming!!! !!! I feel very honored to be on your blog, thanks sis!

And thanks for all compliments & wishes people.

P.S: Really missed your blog, its the first thing that I read with my morning coffee. M glad that you are back to writing :)

Tanvi Singh Mor said...

Hey, Outfit is Amazing....and the little sis is looking great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi glad your back! your sister looks beautiful, looking forward to more pix

Kalpana said...

Yes ! We missed you..wondering what happened..Hope you had a gala time at the wedding ..Yeh your sis is like a model ...all the very best to her ..Awesome bridal wear ..keep up with the good work ..

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Oh she totally looks fabulous! Sweet site! xo

Anonymous said...

Only if looking like your sister was as easy as finding a a cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

hey good to see you back.. been waiting for the post about the wedding:)

Anonymous said...

and your sis is gorgeous..bless her:)