Friday, February 5, 2010

Red gone wrong

Nothing wrong with the dress - its one of the many stock standard one shoulder fitted short numbers that have been doing the rounds for many a months now but there is nothing about this look that pleases me. Can't quite figure whether its the shoes or the gaunt face that bothers me the most but nothing about this oh so predictable look works for me. Your thoughts?

Bipasha Basu at her fitness DVD launch

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♥akisa♥ said...

I tell you what it is... it's her OPEN LEGS.. what a horrible leg pose. Either she should cross her leg, or do the lean on one hip & bend forward leg thing. That, combined with the shoes..

♥ aaina ♥ said...

Another thing, her legs are very very skinny, I don't know if it's just the picture, but that's the way it looks. And that combined with her wider shoulders emphasized by that poof thing going on, she looks a little off-balance. Plus the shoes are boring.

Tangerine Fairy said...

I's the awkward leg pose, because she has a great shape and usually looks great in tight dresses.

Anonymous said...

i agree with @akisa's comment