Monday, December 8, 2008

Glittery affair

Update - Thanks Luna for sending through a full length shot of PZ's outfit. I love the colour on her !
Looked and looked but couldn't find a full length shot of PZ; attending the wedding of a politician's son. Bit hard to say whether Preity's traditional ensemble is a hit or a miss as we can't see it in full but I'm definitely liking the yellow and gold on her.
Also present at the event were designer duo Gauri & Nainika looking quite chic in their simple but elegantly draped sarees.

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OnCloud9 said...

Preity's outfit is gorgeous!!!
me WANT! :)

OnCloud9 said...

that sari - is that a pull on or something..??
the cream coloured one

it has pleats like a bharatnatyam costume

how intriguing

Allthingsbollywood said...

Hi oncloud9 - hope you've been well :)
I'm loving the cream saree as the probably is a pull on.

luna said...

u can see the full length view of preity dress in this link

like the shoes!!

Nahaar said...

am i the only one hu feels preity looks pretty fat? fat as in pregnant?? or has she put on weight for some role.. she looks huge! bad angle perhaps ;)

Allthingsbollywood said...

Thanks for the link Luna - I looked but still couldn't find a pic :( Can you please actually send me the url of the exact photo as I can't wait to see the complete outfit ! xx

Anonymous said...

luna said...