Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gauri Khan & Karan Johar at Golden Globes

Whilst I didn't spot them on the red carpet when I watching the Golden Globes last night (yes, we don't get to see them live in Australia!)here's a pic of Gauri Khan and Karan Johar accompanying Shahrukh Khan to the Globes. Gauri was resplendent in a white sequinned saree and a Judith Leiber clutch. Struggling to understand exactly what Karan Johar was doing there? If he was acting stylist for King Khan, it certainly didn't work as the suit didn't fit him well at all and the sequinned tie was "not very nice" to put it mildly. Khan on stage didn't impress me either - bring on Amitabh!!!
Gauri Khan Shahrukh Khan Karan Johar Golden Globes red carpetSource

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Laura said...

Gauri looked classy and elegant for once! I thought SRK's suit was horrendous. It just didn't work as a look. All the Hollywood guys (and Anil & AR Rahman) looked so dapper in their perfect suits in comparison.

ngm82 said...

gauri's saree is soo pretty.. she carries it amazingly..

Allthingsbollywood said...

She looks great I think...and I nice change as well, can't recall when I last saw her in a saree. Shahrukh on the other hand was a total let down.

Anonymous said...

SRK was wearing a cravat by the looks of that pic. I think it's actually quite elegant, and harps back to 60's hollywood chic. The illfitting suit is an obvious no-no, but props for thinking outside the hollywood groupthink square.